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Paint Solutions

Need to make a color change on a rounded corner? Simply slide the tool down the corner to mark a perfectly straight line. Multiple marking locations to choose from!
Simple and quick - no more guesswork!
Center Line Location
Trim Location
3/4 Radius Location
  1. Place the BullnoseBoss firmly against the corner to be marked
  2. Using a normal writing angle, place the tip of a standard pencil (construction pencil or similar will also work) into one of the marking slots.
    For a centered line: Use the center groove.
    For an off-center line: Place the pencil tip next to the edge labeled “TRIM” or the edge labeled “3/4 RADIUS”.
  3. Hold the tool in one hand and the pencil in the other. Slide the tool along the corner keeping firm and consistent pressure on the BullnoseBoss and the pencil.
  4. Once you have reached the end of your wall, keep the BullnoseBoss against the corner and move your pencil to the opposite end of the tool. Using the same motion move the tool in the opposite direction until you have a complete line.
Note: The tool is flexible and can be manipulated to compensate for drywall irregularities (corners that are not exactly 90°.)