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About Us

We are a husband and wife team who live and work for a fire department in the Denver Metro area. We discovered a need for this product when we were painting the interior of our new home which has bullnose corners throughout. We wanted to make a color change between 2 rooms but found it difficult to tape a straight line down the center of a rounded corner.

It became very frustrating to not get a clean straight line, so we searched online and in paint stores for a tool that would scribe a straight line down a bullnose corner - but we found nothing.

Another problem we encountered with our bullnose corners was being able to correctly measure and place crown molding. The round corners have no center point which make it difficult to measure the correct length of trim needed prior to cutting.

So to make our lives easier we made a jig out of wood that solved both of these problems. This wood jig saved us many hours, much frustration and gave us the professional looking results we were looking for! This was the first generation of the BullnoseBoss.

The tool is simple to use, we hope it will save you lots of time, avoid some frustration and help you complete a job you can be proud of!