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How to paint a clean line on textured surfaces

by Bnb Team — June 2019

To prevent bleed through and achieve a clean transition line on textured surfaces, it may be necessary to "back paint" or seal the tape:

  1. After the lighter base color has dried, mark your transition line using the BullnoseBoss. (It is easier to apply a darker color over a lighter one.)
  2. Place a strip of painter's tape alongside the line you've drawn onto the corner.
    Press the tape firmly into place
  3. Using the same color of paint that is located beneath the tape – paint over the pencil line and against the tape edge. (Voids under the tape created by the uneven texture will be filled in with paint.)
  4. Once the "filler" paint is no longer tacky, paint over this edge using your second color. Remove the tape before the second color dries.

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